I must admit I was very hesitant to join Pinterest. I mean do guys really use Pinterest? My wife is addicted to it, and she is always talking about it but there isn’t anything on there for me, or is there?

Today I caved. I was waiting in the van (yup we are officially the 2 children mini-van family) for my wife to run into the store and buy something, and in a moment of curiosity I downloaded the Pinterest app onto my phone. What I found was shocking. So here are my 3 reasons you and your business need to use Pinterest:

 It’s creative- I am in a field that I have to be creative every day. As most people in this situation will tell you, creative block is horrible! Sitting in front of a computer, trying to come up with an idea, with no creative juices flowing can be extremely frustrating. Within 5 minutes of being on Pinterest I had a list of ideas, not just for me but for my clients. Pinterest is a great tool to get over the “block”

 You can show off a bit- Pinterest gives you the opportunity to get your products in front of thousands of people. Just as with any social marketing, the more platforms you can be on, the more visibility you have, the better. If you are on Facebook and Google+ right now adding Pinterest increases your platforms by 33%. The power of Pinterest is especially strong if you sell physical product (think furniture, jewelry, clothes, etc.) because you can show off exactly what customers buy from you! Speaking of driving traffic…..

 You can link to your site!!!- This is the most powerful aspect of Pinterest and a huge differentiating factor from Instagram. You can link your Pins right back to your website. So let’s go back to our jewelry example. If you sell jewelry, you can take a picture of a piece, Pin it and have a link to the buy page if someone clicks your Pin. This is a business owners dream. Can you imaging the traffic this can drive???

But be cautious…

The app store tells me Pinterest is free, I have learned the hard way it is not free, just ask Home Depot and Lowe’s how much my wife has spent because of Pinterest projects. While I am a little tongue-in-cheek here, it is true! In less than 12 hours I have urges to go open a Home Depot credit card and go crazy!

So with all the possibilities it is worth checking out Pinterest and using it for ideas and traffic for your business.