At some point in your vlogging experience, you’re going to want to enhance the aesthetics of your video. Here are my two favorite Canon lenses for DSLR video under $130.

Canon 24mm 2.8

I absolutely love the Canon 24mm lens. With a 2.8 aperture, you have the ability to get a really nice blurred background, in addition to a really wide shot. The lens is known as a ‘pancake lens,’ which keeps your camera really small and compact. This is perfect if you’re creating a vlog or holding the camera out and looking at yourself.

At only $130, this lens is essential for your rig. I love being able to set this lens up on my camera about five feet away from me, since I can get my table in the shot, as well as feature a nice background. This, in my opinion, is the ideal shot for YouTube videos.

Play around with the lens to see how it looks when focusing on something small up-close. You’ll find the background is really blurry, but you’re also getting a wider picture than you will on the 50mm. If you set the aperture to 4.5, you will create more room to blur out the background even more. However, keep in mind that when you open up the aperture, more light comes in, so you will have to adjust other settings on your camera.

Canon 50mm 1.8

The Canon 50mm, nicknamed the ‘Nifty Fifty,’ is an awesome, versatile lens. With an aperture of 1.8, you have the ability to literally blur out the background so much that you won’t be able to tell what’s back there. Priced at $110, this lens is most often the first lens purchased outside of the kit lens. Kit lenses typically have an aperture of 3.5 or 4.5, so the Canon 50mm is where most people start when they want to experiment with their videography and photography.

The narrow lens of the Canon 50mm gives you a really sharp and tight shot. A lot of people will also use this lens for portrait photography. Add this to your lens collection to get a nice sharp picture with the ability to really blur out the background.

So, for under $250, you can get these two lenses and bring a new level of versatility to your digital videos.

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