An overall 1 star change in Yelp can translate to a 5-7% revenue change for a business.

The power of Yelp is undeniable. It can make or break local businesses and most business owners feel “handcuffed” and frustrated by the platform. Without a plan they turn a blind eye to Yelp and hope it all goes away.

But the truth is Yelp, and the other review sites, are not going away. As a matter of fact they are just getting stronger.

The more I hear clients and friends complain about Yelp, the more I felt that I needed to do something, and that is what I have done.

Burnside Marketing is now Offering the “Yelp Help” package. For only $197 (introductary rate) we will create a total Yelp plan for you to increase positive reviews, turn negative reviews into positive outcomes and start capturing new negative reviews before the go public.

Our package includes:

-Planning and strategy session

-Strategies (and some very cool ways) to drive positive reviews

-A unique way that I work with customers to help “capture” bad reviews before they go public


-Monthly reporting

So what do you do as a business owner? Don’t let Yelp ruin your day. Call us or contact us to get the Burnside Marketing Yelp Help package.

The video below is from ABC News and shows just how powerful yelp is: