Well it’s about time (in my opinion). For a very long time (in technology years), Facebook only allowed us to “like” a post. This generally is fine, but it does get awkward to like the fact that your mother-in-laws house just flooded, or that your best friend just failed the CPA exam. We need more reactions!

Well Facebook has heard the cries of the people and new reactions are out, 6 in all right now Love, Like, HaHa, Wow, Sad, Angry and the traditional like.

The other nice thing is they are super easy to use! Just long press the like button on your mobile phone and the menu will pop up. A little warning here, I was updated to the latest version and had to reset the app for them to show up.

So go ahead, break the liking insanity and start to love, laugh and digitally feeling all those emotions you have bottled up!


Steve Burnside is a Social Media and Digital marketing consultant and coach. You can find him at www.hellobside.com, on Instagram @hellobside or on twitter @hellobside