Attention-getting images have been a staple of advertising since forever. Back in the day, a well-balanced photo stopped a newspaper reader from turning the page. Now, social media has captured our innate desire for a cool photo. You need to grab a hold of your customers’ attention and stop their thumbs in their tracks.

However, we are bombarded with images on Facebook. How can your image break through the barrage of cute kids and fancy restaurant meals? These tips will get you noticed and override the urge to scroll — without needing thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

Choose an Exciting Subject

What is it about your business that makes it stand out? Unique items for sale? Interesting salespeople? Sharp interior design of your store? Whatever that may be, choose your subject accordingly and frame it in an interesting way. Whether you’re arranging your products in a new and exciting way, or showcasing your employees doing something out of the ordinary, you need to get away from simply pointing and shooting the same old thing.


Enhance the Quality of Your Photo

The quality of Smartphone cameras has improved tremendously, even rivaling a “regular” digital camera sometimes. But there are some rules that need to be followed:

  • Avoid clip art at all costs. Clip art is boring and your audience will see right through it. Clip art also implies laziness or that you may be hiding something — why choose a random image off the Internet instead of showcasing your wares or employees?
  • Aim for high resolution photos. Steady your hand to avoid a blur. Again, the point is to show off the best you have to offer, so be sure your audience can see your image in all of its detail!
  • Use good lighting. Once you determine what you want to take a photo of, experiment ¬†with lighting the shot properly. Avoid shadows and too-dark images. Either move yourself or the light source to get the right contrast in the image.
  • Angles matter. Don’t photograph a plate of food from the perspective of a person sitting down to the meal, since you won’t be able to see some of it. Instead, take an overhead shot to show off the whole plate.
  • Experiment with filters. Apps and filters make any photo look artsy. Play around with them to find one that speaks to the tone of your business. Then, make sure you use it consistently in all of your images for a complete look.

Practice these techniques and don’t get frustrated. Creating a well-balanced image takes some time to get just right, but the pay-off is huge it can grab the attention of a busy customer.

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